Unit Overview

Units of work Unit 1 Lesson 1 Unplugged Algorithms: Learning to give instructions which need to be precise. Sequencing: What is it, how useful is it? Lesson...

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Animated Videos

Animated Videos Videos guide both staff and pupils through each lesson. They provide the specialised knowledge and language. All videos are kept on ToodleBit's own servers rather than using an external...

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Online Classroom

Hub of the ToodleBit operation ToodleBit Classroom Homepage From the homepage pupils can select the unit they are working on, check the definition of the a word in the glossary or play online games...

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ToodleBit has attended a number of conferences and exhibitions around the country.  We hope to be travelling and demonstrating ToodleBit again in the near future but for now if would like more information...

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Impact Statements

ToodleBit aims to provide exciting, well structured computing lessons that provide pupils with opportunities to design, make and code their ideas. Lessons are hands-on, active and creative with computer...

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Bedtime Readings

Below are a number of articles related to the teaching of STEM and computer science.

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Project Gallery

Project Gallery: A selection of examples from the ToodleBit curriculum. Anemometer A great year 5 or 6 project. Pupils design, make and code their own anemometers. Lots of computer...

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