Project Gallery:

A selection of examples from the ToodleBit curriculum.


A great year 5 or 6 project. Pupils design, make and code their own anemometers. Lots of computer science, design technology, science and problem solving used within this project. Part of Unit 6.

Morse Code

Pupils learn how to code their Micro:Bits to send messages across the classroom. Includes background information about Morse Code. Part of Unit 3.

Mini Keyboard

By connecting external inputs / outputs to the Micro:Bit, pupils can code their keyboard to play musical notes. Part of Unit 2.

Racing the buggies

Part of Unit 7 - coding a remote control buggy. Pupils code both a buggy and the remote controller. This follows a series of lessons during which pupils work together to solve challenges based on the buggy. Includes various sensors such as the crash and sonar sensor.

Junk Modelling

Using the internal components from the buggys, pupils design, make and code their own junk model cars/drag racers. The project looks at friction, aerodynamics and the maths involved in timing the cars over a set distance.

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