What is ToodleBit?

ToodleBit is a creative, hands-on approach to teaching KS2 computing.

The aim is to provide pupils with a computer science course where coding is part of wider problem solving activities.

Pupils are taught to analyse problems in computational terms and use computational thinking strategies to help solve these problems. 

ToodleBit uses the BBC Micro:Bit to combine computing, science, maths and design technology into exciting and stimulating lessons with pupils physically designing, making and coding their own gadgets.

Benefits for the teacher:

  • a progressive scheme of work
  • detailed lesson plans
  • an online classroom with video explainers and pupils feedback form
  • animated videos release you from the front of the classroom enabling more time to be spent with each group
  • planned support and extension activities
  • a comprehensive box of components already organised and ready to use. Just provide consumables such as cardboard boxes and paint.

Benefits for the pupil:

  • engages more pupils, especially girls, than a purely screen based computer science programme
  • the excitement of designing and making
  • online classroom allows pupils to work at their own pace
  • animated videos explain key concepts and provide support
  • extension activities encourage pupils to use their new knowledge and skills within other problems
  • the course encourages collaboration with classmates

What is included?

Online Classroom

The classroom includes a series of lessons providing progression from Year 3 to Year 6. Each lesson is designed to allow pupils to progress at their own pace with support and extension activities.


Animated videos

Within each lesson videos guide pupils through each activity providing the subject knowledge and specialised language. They also enable pupils to work with greater independence from the teacher.


Image of components

Kit Box

Includes all the components required to complete each lesson and the associated cross curricula projects. Designed for a class of 30 with pupils working in pairs.


Teacher Comments


Gulworthy Primary School

They really are much simpler to use than I expected and the way the Toodlebit scheme is laid out means that it is straightforward, exciting and accessible to all.

 “The plans are clear and precise which means that I only have to spend a minimal amount of time familiarising myself with the lesson. The equipment is all neatly packaged reducing time finding resources.”


Lamerton Primary School

Toodlebit is just so easy to use and deliver. Our Teaching assistants who lack confidence when it comes to computing lessons were able to understand the objectives and work with the children more confidently.

The children really enjoyed the activities and there is scope for all to improve at their own levels.


Calstock School

It is easy to use, clear and does fulfil the objectives for the children.

“A child who finds reading and writing difficult was able to complete toodlebit tasks and was keen to persevere to get the outcome. The shift in her confidence has been great to see.”


Saltash School

Absolutely brilliant resource and the possibilities are endless. Excellent support and training too. Highly recommended!

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