The benefits of using ToodleBit

Within ToodleBit pupils are taught to analyse problems in computational terms and use computational thinking strategies to help solve these problems. The course has been designed to provide pupils with a computer science program where coding is part of wider problem solving activities. This approach will support pupils when problem solving across the wider curriulum.

Benefits for the teacher:

  • a progressive scheme of work
  • detailed lesson plans
  • an online classroom with video explainers and pupils feedback form
  • animated videos release you from the front of the classroom enabling more time to be spent with each group
  • planned support and extension activities
  • a comprehensive box of components already organised and ready to use. Just provide consumables such as cardboard boxes and paint.

Benefits for the pupil:

  • engages more pupils, especially girls, than a purely screen based computer science programme
  • the excitement of designing and making
  • online classroom allows pupils to work at their own pace
  • animated videos explain key concepts and provide support
  • extension activities encourage pupils to use their new knowledge and skills within other problems
  • the course encourages collaboration with classmates

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