60 day no-quibble money back guarantee.

If you’re not entirely happy with your purchase then simply return the box of components** and let us know within 60 days and we’ll refund you in full.

ToodleBit recognises that to fully evaluate our lessons you need the full box of components and access to the online classroom. We are confident that once your school uses ToodleBit you will want to keep it but this guarantee provides that opportunity risk free.


Option One: Buy each package as required. Start with the Mega:Bit and extend with the Buggy:Bit. Skills and knowledge are developed as you move through the units.
Option Two: Buy both packages together. This option includes three years unlimited access to the ToodleBit classroom plus discount which equals a saving of £298.

Available Packages

Option 1

Option 2


£799 (£630 without Micro:Bits packs)*
  • Kit Box
    • 15 Micro:Bits
    • 15 battery packs
    • 1 battery tester
    • 15 flat USB Noodle cables
    • 15 mini speakers
    • 15 LED packs
    • 15 bendy wire kits
    • 15 crocodile clip packs (4 per pack)
    • 15 unique LED connecting leads
    • 1 masking tape, 1 foil roll
    • Storage box with 6 compartments
    • includes postage (UK only)
  • One year access to the Online Classroom


  • Kit Box
    • 15 buggys with
      • sonar sensors
      • line tracking
      • headlights
      • under car LEDs
      • buzzers
    • 15 Anemometer kits
    • Storage box with 16 compartments
    • Includes postage (UK only)
  • Two After School Club Units



Mega:Bit + Buggy:Bit

£1699 (£1530 without Micro:Bit packs)*
  • Mega:Bit Kit Box
  • Buggy:bit Kit Box
  • Three Years Access to the Online Classroom
  • Includes postage (UK only)

Massive saving of £298


 (only available after initial purchase)

Extra Micro:Bits


15 Micro:Bits 15 Flat USB Noodle cables 15 battery packs and batteries

In school Training


Half a day training which could include staff observing a lesson, staff meeting etc.

Classroom Extension


One year access to the Online Classroom

Maker buggy Kits

  • 15 sets of motors + wheels
  • 15 motor controllers
  • 15 front roller wheels
  • 15 sets of Connecting cables
  • 15 battery holders

*Plus VAT

**Return postage, if required, paid by the school.

Micro:Bit pack includes Micro:Bits, Noodle USB cables, battery cases and batteries.

ToodleBit can also be bought without kit or with varying amounts (depending on class sizes). Please get in touch for details. 

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