Teacher Comments


Gulworthy Primary School

They really are much simpler to use than I expected and the way the Toodlebit scheme is laid out means that it is straightforward, exciting and accessible to all.

Improve attainment
“Children are becoming more independent and describing the the impact their programming is having more precisely with improved use of terminology. They are also excited to access the extension challenges.”

Teacher Workload
“The plans are clear and precise which means that I only have to spend a minimal amount of time familiarising myself with the lesson. The equipment is all neatly packaged reducing time finding resources.”

Improved teacher knowledge and skills
“I had never used a Microbit before and am finding that I am enjoying learning to use them as much as the children.”


Lamerton Primary School

Toodlebit is just so easy to use and deliver. Our Teaching assistants who lack confidence when it comes to computing lessons were able to understand the objectives and work with the children more confidently. The children really enjoyed the activities and their is scope for all to improve at their own levels. The instructions can be played as many times as the children need and those who have difficulties reading text were able ton access the information through the spoken word button which meant that nobody was held back or needed to rely on others.

Improve attainment
“Children have learnt how computers are programmed through codes. They have been able to progress at their own rate, with higher achievers experimenting and lower achievers consolidating. Toodlebit explains very clearly, the objectives of the lessons so that the children become confident with the terminology used.”

Teacher Workload
“The plans are clear and simple to follow. The explanations make it easy for a non computing expert to feel confident when delivering the lessons. I have found other schemes confusing and have had to spend hours working through lessons in order to deliver them to the children. Toodlebit is an enjoyable resource to use.”

Improve teacher knowledge and skills
“I personally have a better understanding of how computers work through Toodlebit's simple video expolanations.”


Calstock School

It is easy to use, clear and does fulfil the objectives for the children.

Improve attainment
“A child who finds reading and writing difficult was able to complete toodlebit tasks and was keen to persevere to get the outcome. The shift in her confidence has been great to see.”

Teacher Workload
“I have not had to find resources etc to teach the objectives. I can rely on the toodlebit programme to build on and teach new skills.”

Improve teacher knowledge and skills
“Both myself and the TAs in class were unsure of this content but we have been able to confidently learn alongside the children!”


Saltash School

Absolutely brilliant resource and the possibilities are endless. Excellent support and training too. Highly recommended!

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